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How We Can Make Lamu The First Port Of Call For East Africa And Beyond

Dr. Kalua Green 16 June 2021 0

Last week on 20th May was a very big day in Kenya’s history. On that day, as the Indian Ocean waters roared softly, Lamu Port roared to life. On hand to witness this epic birth was President Kenyatta. He cheered as MV CAP Carmel, a 204-meter Singaporean ship became the first vessel to dock into the Port. It had sailed from the Port of Dar es Salaam and was on its way to Salalah in Oman.

Women May Hold the Key to Our Unity and National Transformation

Dr. Kalua Green 16 June 2021 0

A few days ago on Thursday 27th May, I was privileged to offer the final prayer during the eighteenth National Prayer Breakfast that was held at Parliament Grounds. Just before my prayer to God Almighty that our leaders may work in unity, President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke very powerful words when he referenced Peter Waiyaki, the keynote speaker and said that, ‘Bwana Waiyaki asante sana. I don’t think there is a word I would remove from what you have said. Let it not be that we have heard today and tomorrow we have forgotten. Hope is a continuous process. It’s how we live every day that matters.’

We Must Fix Our Politics Before We Fix Our Economy

Dr. Kalua Green 16 June 2021 0

In 2011 and 2015, the World Bank surveyed 644 and 848 enterprises Ethiopian enterprises respectively. The survey revealed that compared to 2011, the innovativeness of Ethiopian enterprises had declined. One of the factors behind this decline was political instability which adversely impacted business in the country. Unfortunately, with Ethiopia’s elections scheduled for June 21st, the political situation remains volatile.